William Anthony (1934-2022) RIP

February,3, 2023

By David Carrier   / COUNTERPUNCH         

William Anthonys´s painting and Drawing my be found in the Collections of more than 30 major art museums. The origin of his remarkable style may be attributed to his experience, early in his career, as an instructor of figure drawing. He developed a unique method of teaching beginners.

It did´t take Anthony long to realize that his classroom satire could be the basis for a new art statement. He started by take-offs of old and new master, Michelnlango, Vermeer, Picasso and Johns. But soon he graduated into victimizing just about anyone and anything.

DEVIANT DRAFTSMANSHIP include much of the work Anthony has done since the publication of 

IRONIC ICONS (2013) which was another compilation of his painting and drawings, also by Sam Jedig and published by Stalke Gallery, Denmark.

Hardcover, page 124

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